Leader in the Linen Manucature
BanquetBar.com has been the leading online linen Factory wholesaler since 2004. For years now, we have been helping many distributors, wedding planners, event coordinators, catering companies,families, small businesses, venue owners and every type of company find the perfect yet affordable tablecloth, chair cover, table runner and other wedding decor for weddings, birthday parties, religious celebrations and corporate events. The recent addition of home linens to our product line has made BanquetBar.com your quintessential source for quality, low-cost table linens and other related products.

Low Prices, High Quality Products
Our mission is to provide our customers the best online table linen shopping experience possible and we got it right from the start. BanquetBar.com offers nothing but high quality products at amazingly low prices. Ever wondered how we do that? It’s simple. We manufacture our linens in a facility that we own in Shanghai, China. This allows us to have full control of elements that matter to you, such as product quality and color consistency up to the highest of standards. Since there are no middlemen in the picture, incremental costs are eliminated and this enables us to pass on the savings to shoppers.

Excellent Customer Care
We choose to think that we are more than just a linen company -- that we exist as a service business. Since Day One, customer care has always been at the forefront of everything that we do. You will feel this everywhere on our website, on every phone call, chat or e-mail and wherever you are on the Web. Our customer service department is not your typical Help Desk. Whenever you dial our phone number, you are connected to our team in Portland that will not only take care of your product and linen shopping issues but will also assist you with any concern related to event and wedding planning.

Secure and Satisfied Shopping Experience
Our website is designed with YOU in mind. We have always believed that exceeding expectations and customer satisfaction are building blocks of a happy shopping experience. This is why on top of low prices and high quality products, we also offer free shipping, friendly return policies and various ways to connect with us on the Web (such as on Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, etc). Completing our suite of services are precautionary measures to make sure that any information that you share with us during the purchasing process is protected.